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Golden Apple Cars
4.9/5 sur 83 avis client Rentîles
Golden Apple Cars

Golden Apple Cars Adresse : Anse Forbans, Anse Royale Mahe

Golden Apple Cars est une toute nouvelle agence de location à l'équipe francophone ! Fort d'un parc adapté aux éxigeances des Européens, Golden Apple Cars propose des véhicules récents, climatisés et à la boite manuelle ou automatique.

Golden Apple Cars vous livre votre véhicule où que vous soyez à Mahe : hôtels, aréroport, port et sans suppléments.

Golden Apple Cars c'est également des supers tarifs avec le deuxième conducteur gratuit ainsi que les sièges bébé ou réhausseurs !

Les derniers avis clients Golden Apple Cars

Location de voiture à Aéroport de Mahé, du Dimanche 11 Novembre 2018 au Dimanche 18 Novembre 2018

Renan.B, le Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018

Golden Apple Cars 5 Renan.B 2018-11-28 Location de voiture à Aéroport de Mahé, du Dimanche 11 Novembre 2018 au Dimanche 18 Novembre 2018

Avis sur la prestation de Golden Apple Cars

"Agent local très professionnel. Dommage que vous n'ayez pas autant de visibilité par rapport aux loueurs tels Hertz ou Sixt, dont les services sont très mauvais aux Seychelles.”

Location voiture Golden Apple Cars
Avis sur Golden Apple Cars

Location de voiture à Aéroport de Mahé, du Dimanche 04 Novembre 2018 au Mardi 06 Novembre 2018

Philippe.R, le Vendredi 16 Novembre 2018

Golden Apple Cars 5 Philippe.R 2018-11-16 Location de voiture à Aéroport de Mahé, du Dimanche 04 Novembre 2018 au Mardi 06 Novembre 2018

Avis sur la prestation de Golden Apple Cars

"Tout s'est parfaitement bien passé. Véhicule récent et propre. Personne à l'heure au rendez-vous et très aimable.”

Location voiture Golden Apple Cars
Avis sur Golden Apple Cars

Location de voiture à le port de victoria, terminal croisière Costa Victoria, du Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 au Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018

Cyril.D, le Mercredi 14 Novembre 2018

Golden Apple Cars 5 Cyril.D 2018-11-14 Location de voiture à le port de victoria, terminal croisière Costa Victoria, du Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 au Jeudi 01 Novembre 2018

Avis sur la prestation de Golden Apple Cars

"Nous sommes venus aux Seychelles pour 3 jours dans le cadre de notre croisière avec Costa croisière, nous avons loué une voiture et c’et Parfait, nous avons eu une voiture propre et entretenu et avons pu faire toute l’île c’et Super”

Location voiture Golden Apple Cars
Avis sur Golden Apple Cars

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La gamme de véhicules de Golden Apple Cars

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Conditions générales de location de Golden Apple Cars

Les engagements Rentîles Réservez à l'avance !

This Self Drive Contract is as advised by the Seychelles Car Hire Operators Association. On signing this Contract the hirer confirms having read these Terms and Conditions of Hire and acknowledges all conditions herein and hereon so described.


The hirer shall drive the vehicle only when qualified to do so and whilst holding all necessary current licences and permits and shall at all times drive the vehicle in a careful and skillful manner in accordance with ail legal requirements and with the owner's standard policy of insurance which is avalable for inspection at the
owner's offices. The hirer shall not use the vehicle for racing, rallying, pace-making or for any purpose other than domestic and
social purposes and shall not carry passengers in the vehicle for hire or reward, except by previous arrangement with the company.
The vehicle is delivered to the hirer in good running condition and is subject to an inspection test. The hirer agrees to take proper care of
the vehicle, paying for normal upkeep of the vehicle and is fully responsible for ao damage to the vehicle due to neglect such as
omission to check and/or change of oil, water, tyre pressure etc. The hirer will also be responsible for any tools, tyros, car documents or
accessories, which are either missing or damaged on the return of the vehicle.

In the event of any fault, defect or malfunctioning of the vehide, it must be reported immediately and, if of a serious nature, the vehicle
must not be driven at all until contact has been established with the company.

The full rental cost is payable in advance on delivery of the vehicle. Unless the vehicle is returned on time and at the agreed location as
specified on the contract of rental, the hirer is liable to be charged a full day's rental cost in excess.

On renting the vehide, any part of the day will count as a fun day. Gasoline is at the hirer's expense.

If the hirer desires to change the rental period after taking possession of the vehicle, either reducing the rental days or prolonging the hire, or changing the place or agreed hour of termination of the agreed rental, three (3) days written or verbal notice must be given to the company. This is necessary to guarantee the availability of cars. No discount shall be enjoyed by the hirer. In case of cancellation 5o% of the remaining days full rental tariff, shall be charged.

The vehide shall not be operated.

I) to transport goods in violation of traffic regulations or in
other illegalmanner;
ii) i) to carry more than four persons in total in either a Moke
jeep and five in a Saloon car, including the driver;
iii) ii) to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;
iv) v) in motor sport events;
v) by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
vi) i) by any learner driver;
vii) i) by any person under the age of 23 years.

The vehide shall only be driven by the hirer or by the persons who have been expressly designated and authorised and whose names shall appear on the contract and insurance forms.


The hirer is insured against third party public OabOity risk and property damage for unlimited coverage and risks collision, hirer bearing first SRC 16,000 each and every claim.

If the hirer has paid for a collision damage waiver (COW), the following items damages and losses are not included and/or covered by the COW:

I) ) Cost of transportation and/or towing of the damaged vehicle to
our workshop;
(0) The time of immobiOsation of the vehicle whole being repaired;
iii) ii) The loss suffered by depreciation of the damaged vehicle;
iv) v) Driving or taking the vehicle on the beach;
Further, not included or covered is damage caused by drunkenness
or while the hirer is under the influence of drugs.

NOTE: The driver' is not insured. The insurance policy covers passengers only.

The hirer shall report any accident involving the vehicle to the owner within 12 hours of the occurrence of the accident and also to the police or other proper authority within the time prescribed by law. The hirer shall supply such information, drawings and assistance in connection with the accident as the owner or its insurers may require. The hirer shall not, without the prior consent of the owner give any instructions for any repairs to the vehicle or for replacement of any part thereof rendered necessary by the accident.

In case of any accident in which the vehicle is damaged of causes damage, the hirer undertakes to inform the company immediately and have the case investigated on the spot by local police authorities. Under no circumstances should the vehicle be moved. The hirer is further required to make a sketch of the place of accident, obtain names and addresses of persons who have witnessed the accident, and those who have been a party to the accident, and any other pertinent details. The hirer should avoid making any verbal or written promises without first informing the company. The said data and sketches are to be hand-delivered at once to the company which will file them with the police and the insurance company. In case of non compliances with these requirements the hirer is fully responsible for damage to and or
losses sustained by the vehicle.


The owner shall not under any circumstances be liable to make any payments to the hirer in respect of, or to indemnify the hirer against, any loss, injury or damage sustained by the hirer or by any third party as a result of the presence or use of the vehicle or as result of any defect therein whether it was caused by or through or due to the negligence of the owner or its servants or agents or howsoever caused and in taking delivery of the vehicle the hirer shall be deemed to have satisfied himself that it is in all respects roadworthy and in a proper and safe condition.

The hirer hereby releases the company of and from any liability for loss of and damage to any property left, stored or transported by the hirer of any other person in or upon the vehicle before or during the term of this rental or after return of vehicle to the company. Hirer further agrees to hold the company harmless and to defend and indemnify the company against all claims and costs based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.

The company, whilst taking all reasonable precautions and using its best of efforts, to prevent such happening, shall not be Oable for any faults or defects in or mechanical failure of the vehicle or any consequential loss or damage arising thereform.


The hirer will be legally responsible for parking, traffic and other offences and penalties arising thereform that may be committed during the period of the hire.


The company reserves the right to reposses the vehide or to report it as stolen should it not be returned by the due date and time as declared overleaf, all costs incurred thereby being charged to the hirer.


No relaxation forbearance or indulgence by the company in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall prejudice or affect the right and powers of the company hereunder nor shall any waiver or any breach operate as a waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach.

The vehicle must not be left parked unattended in any public area overnight or for any long period during the day. When necessary the vehicle may be parked at our office premises free of charge. When parking the vehicle in a public area for a short period during the day, or at any time when the vehicle is unattended, it must be securely locked, including the fuel tank, the steering column, all doors and boot If the above is not complied with the hirer will be liable for the sum of Rupees 50,000 in the event of theft of the vehicle.

Any loss of keys whilst the vehicle is in the possession of the hirer will be the direct responsibility of the hirer who will make good the loss. A delivery fee may also be levied for its replacement:

Any abnormal damage to tyros other than a puncture will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Under no circumstances will the vehicle be driven on a flat tyre, otherwise the hirer assumes full responsibility for any damage whatsoever.
Under no circumstances shall the Vehicle be driven on the beach otherwise the hirer assumes fun responsibility for any charges to remove or tow the vehicle from the beach and any damage caused.

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