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Faites-vous rembourser la franchise assurance de votre voiture de location en cas de dommage, vol, incendie ou vandalisme.*

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Codexia Ltd
Codexia Ltd

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Codexia Ltd est une agence de location de voiture située à Maurice qui vous propose des services de qualité depuis plus de 10 ans. Avec un grand choix de véhicules récents (2019-2022), vous pouvez louer une voiture en ligne et profiter de votre séjour sur l'île de manière sereine et abordable.

Large gamme de véhicules

Que vous cherchiez un petit véhicule pour circuler en ville ou un véhicule plus spacieux pour partir à la découverte de l'île, Codexia Ltd a ce qu'il vous faut. Parmi les modèles proposés, vous pouvez louer le Suzuki Dzire, le Suzuki Baleno, le Nissan March, le Suzuki Celerio ou le Suzuki Swift.

Services pour une expérience de vacances réussie

En plus de la location de voiture, Codexia Ltd vous offre un accueil chaleureux avec des fleurs typiques de l'île. À votre arrivée, vous recevrez également une carte routière pour mieux connaître Maurice et planifier vos visites avec votre application Google Map. De plus, vous aurez accès au Wifi à l'aéroport pour envoyer rapidement un message et la personne de Codexia Ltd vous attendra avec le pin de location pour vous guider jusqu'au véhicule de location.

Internet à bord

Pour une expérience encore plus confortable, Codexia Ltd vous propose également de louer une Carte SIM pour internet à seulement 1 euro par jour. Ainsi, vous pourrez rester connecté et profiter pleinement de votre séjour à Maurice.

En résumé, Codexia Ltd est le choix idéal pour une location de voiture à Maurice avec un service de qualité et des tarifs abordables. Réservez votre voiture en ligne dès maintenant pour des vacances réussies !

Les points de retraits de Codexia Ltd

Conditions générales de location de Codexia Ltd

Rental includes the following:

Rental excludes the following: :

Delivery / Drop off and Mandatory documents:

Flight Information for airport pick-up is essential and if this information is not available at the time of booking, please ensure that you inform us at least 7 days prior to your departure, via email or by phone. Codexia takes no responsibility for a failed rental due to late or improper supply of this information. Failure to supply this information also alleviates the responsibility of Codexia.


Moreover, at the time of collecting the car, customers will be required to produce a valid driver's license from country of origin, a valid passport and a valid credit card in renter's (driver's) name. After signing the rental agreement, an inspection of the rental vehicle shall be carried out between the “Renter” and our representatives. All apparent defects and fuel level shall be listed and signed by both parties.


At the end of rental, an inspection shall be done upon drop off of the rented vehicle in the presence of our representatives. The inspection form must be duly signed by both parties to avoid any disputes, which might arise later. It is the responsibility of the renter to sign the inspection form failing which the renter shall bear any further charges at a later stage.

Payment Policy

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/MasterCard, Discover, Visa, JCB and Airplus. The remaining amount shall be paid at the time of collecting the car either by cash or credit card.

Delivery fee and Recovery fee

Cars are delivered and recovered at the airport freely. However, there is an additional charge of EUR 15 which is applicable for delivery or recovery of car outside the Airport.

Late Pick-ups / Early Drop-offs

The rental starts and finishes according to the pick-up and drop-off dates and times as mentioned on your voucher. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for unused time if a car is picked up late or dropped off early.


If you are unable to pick the car up your rental car at the agreed time and date, it is very important to inform us as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the car will still be available and you will not be entitled to any refund. In case of late drop-off, a surcharge is applicable and may be higher than normal rates.


The contact phone number you specified during booking must be available throughout the rental period and on the day before pick up. We will not accept any service quality claims if it was impossible to contact you on your mobile phone.


If at drop off the car is too dirty to check condition before/after rent (including verification of scratches & dents), car wash is covered by customer.

Daily Rate Calculations

Vehicles are rented at a daily rate according to the agreed charge; one day being defined as any period of 24 hrs from the time of commencement of the rental agreement. A grace period of 60 minutes is allowed for the time due back. After this a day charge will be made for each additional day.

Vehicle Group / Model

We cannot guarantee any particular make, model or fuel type of car that has been booked by the renter. Cars on display are the most commonly used and may be substituted for an alternative, similar or upgraded car (at no extra cost) at our discretion.


If, at time of pickup, it becomes impossible to provide your booked car as shown on your rental voucher due to breakdown or an accident or any other reason due to unforeseen circumstances, a similar or upgraded car will be provided by us.

Additional Driver Policy

It is allowed to add additional drivers. When collecting the vehicle, all drivers must be present and produce valid documentation. Additional driver is free of charge.

Special Equipment

Available special equipment requested at time of booking or purchased locally: Child seat, Booster seat & GPS navigation system. Prices for extras are shown on the booking page.

Provision of Cars

We reserve the right to refuse a car to any person who is considered unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. We will not be liable for the completion of travel arrangements, nor for any refund, compensation or any other costs to you, the renter, may have to pay in such a case. We will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs, causing damage while driving off-road or driving without due care and attention. In case of an accident or any unforeseen circumstances, Codexia shall provide you with either a downgrade or an upgrade and necessary adjustments shall be done. The customer will be informed in advance of any changes in his reservation. For instance, due to unavailability, if no car cannot be supplied, we shall refund you your deposit accordingly.


However, no adjustment will be the concern of Codexia if the client try to choose another car rental company. Codexia will not be held responsible for any surplus charges by the third party.


No charge will be applied for amending your booking 24 hours before the start of your rental unless it is a cancellation. Certain amendments could affect the rental price such as location, car group or time or date of rental, if it does you will be charged at the current published price, which may be different from what you originally paid.


All vehicles at Codexia are rented with “Comprehensive Insurance” which include collision damage & theft protection waivers. Collision Damage Waiver will waive your liability to pay for any damages caused to the vehicle during the period of rental. Theft waivers provides coverage for the theft or damage resulting from attempted theft of the vehicle, its parts and accessories up to their full value and any loss that our rental vehicles may occur. Both are subject to certain exclusions. Your liability is waived subject to you paying a charge, referred to as an excess which limits your liability to the cost of the excess only. In the event that the renter has behaved recklessly or negligently or driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol the renter may be liable for the full cost damage. To be noted we will hold the excess amount on your credit card as a deposit. If you return the vehicle undamaged, the deposit will be released immediately. Excess amount is fixed to any cars 625Euro. Insurance waivers or extra insurance: At Codexia you have the option to reduce the deductible to half by paying an additional daily rate to your normal rental charges but which is non-refundable as compared to the excess. This simply means that if any damage occurs to your rented vehicle you won’t be liable to pay the total deductible or excess as you already choose an extra insurance. To be noted that we’ll block half the excess amount on your credit card. However extra insurance excludes the following:

In case of an insured event, you must immediately notify the rental agent and receive an infringement notice, except as otherwise agreed with the agent. Failure to fulfil these conditions will cancel the insurance issued for the vehicle and make you fully responsible. Mauritius is a left hand side driving country and the steering wheel of cars usually located on the right side of the car

Cancellation policy, No show & Amendments

If you cancel your booking up to 7 working days prior to your pick up, you will be refunded in full. If you cancel less than 5 working days prior to your pick up no refund will be made. If your prepayment is less than €100, you will not receive any refund.


If your booking is made less than 48 hours before pick up, there will be a cancellation fee which in some cases may be as much as the original rental amount deposit.


All cancellations should be notified online by email to codexia.mru@gmail.com


Amending your booking or cancelling optional extras may not be possible less than 24 hours before pick up.


No refund is made for a no show or failure to produce the correct documentation, driver's license, passport/ ID card, credit card etc.


There will be no refunds on unused days of rental or for early return.


Hirer shall bear all administration or commission fees for all refunds by bank transfers.

Driving age and driver license requirements

Minimum driver age required is 19 yrs.

The maximum driver age is 70 yrs.

The driving license must have been issued by authorized authorities for at least 1 year before the date of the commencement of the rental.

Credit Card pre-Authorization

At time of pickup you will be required to leave a security deposit to cover the value of the insurance excess. Usually it takes the form of an amount being blocked on an international credit card in the name of the primary driver. The blocked amount will be returned in full at the end of hiring period provided that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented.

Exchange Rates

Our prices are displayed in different currencies. However all payments will be re-converted into Euros currency. Note that payment done only by credit card in Mauritius will be converted into the local currency i.e into Mauritian rupees. We will not be held responsible for any fluctuation in exchange rates.

Use of the car

We ensure that each vehicle is provided in excellent and good-as-new condition, clean, roadworthy and insured. The car shall be returned in the same condition of neatness. The car cannot be rent to other parties or driven under the influence of drink or drugs, or to use it in a prohibited and negligent way-such as driving off main roads. You must return the car to the location you specified, on the date and time specified in this agreement, and in the same condition that you received it, except for the ordinary wear. Rentals cars are allowed to travel only on paved public roads.

Accidents and Damages and customer liability

After an accident, a breakdown, a fire or other damage of the rental car, the customer has to inform the rental company and the police immediately. If the police refuse to register the accident, the customer has to prove this in written form.


In the Mauritian context where accident occurs and does not result in bodily harm and where there is not more than two vehicles involved parties shall mutually proceed to an agreed statements of facts. The customer agrees to cooperate in the investigation of the accident. This includes gathering names, addresses and license plates of all parties involved and to preserve evidence.


No insurance (normal or extra insurance) will cover damages or repairs cost in the event where renter has failed to submit the “Agreed Statements of Facts” form. After an accident, the car must not be used without the explicit permission of the rental company. The customer is liable for damages to and loss of the car equipments or breach of the rental contract according to the established liability rules of the corresponding country if not covered by an insurance.


Also, the customer is liable for damages if he does not fulfill his obligation to report the damage on time or if the damage is intentional or due to gross negligence (including races) or the customer did not call the police in case of an accident. False statements regarding the circumstances of the accident or damage also cause liability of the customer. The customer has a duty to take all suitable actions to avoid unnecessary additional damage. If the customer makes repairs without prior authorization by the rental company, no refund payments will be done. All these obligations apply to the additional driver, too.


The liability of the customer ends with the written confirmation of return by the rental company. Contraventions of road traffic regulations or other laws are to be borne by the customer itself. In case of a damage which is due to inappropriate driving or non-compliance with these terms, the contract may be terminated by us prematurely.

Maintenance / Mechanical problems

The customer shall handle the car with care. This includes checking for proper driving condition, oil level, water level and tyre pressure. The car shall be properly locked when unattended.


Mechanical defects or any other wear and tear may occur during your rental. In case a defection has been noticed or you feel any dissatisfaction about any aspect of your rental, the management should be informed immediately to resolve your issue. This will help to eliminate further liabilities and damages to the vehicle. Failing to inform management spontaneously of such issue(s), you will not be eligible for any refunds and/or if the complaints have been lodged after the drop-off of the vehicle rented

Extension of Rental

In the event that the renter requires a car for a longer period than the normal agreed rental period, the renter must obtain a written consent from us via email to: codexia.mru@gmail.com At least 24 hours prior to the termination of the agreed rental period.

Fuel Policy

You must return your rental car with the same level of fuel you picked it up with. If the level of fuel is lower, you pay the difference at the rates of car Rental Company. If the level of fuel is higher, you are not compensated for the difference.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 24/7 - Public holidays – 24/7


Emergency Contact - +(230)5253-2101

FAQ Location île Maurice

Tous les loueurs sur Rentîles offrent une location avec kilométrage illimité, comme c'est le cas pour la plupart des loueurs à l'île Maurice. Ainsi vous pouvez vous balader sans compter pour découvrir l'ensemble de votre destination.

En fonction de la saison, les tarifs de location de voitures à l'île Maurice peuvent varier considérablement. Pendant les mois les plus fréquentés (de décembre à avril), les prix augmentent progressivement et il peut être difficile de trouver une voiture de location disponible.
Il est fortement conseillé de réserver votre véhicule dès que vous avez réservé votre séjour et acheté vos billets d'avion. Il existe de nombreux sites de location de voitures, mais Rentîles est le seul à comparer une vingtaine de loueurs à l'île Maurice, garantissant ainsi les meilleurs prix.

Il existe plus d'une centaine de loueurs à l'île Maurice, et la plupart ne sont pas largement connus malgré leur excellent service. C'est pourquoi sur Rentîles, les anciens locataires peuvent noter la prestation des agences de location. Chaque offre dispose donc d'une note sur 5, ce qui permet de mieux faire son choix, les avis clients n'étant pas modérés par Rentîles.
Le moteur de recherche de Rentîles offre également la possibilité de trier les offres en utilisant le bouton "Notre recommandation" qui affiche les offres ayant la meilleure note pour un prix compétitif.

Il est fortement recommandé de louer une voiture à l'île Maurice pour pouvoir explorer toutes les merveilles qu'elle a à offrir. Avec ses plages de sable blanc,de rochers et ses criques, il est impossible de toutes les visiter à pied ou en prenant les transports en commun. Les prix des taxis sont élevés et le réseau d'autobus est encore assez basique. Les vacances peuvent être optimisées avec une voiture de location, à savoir que l'auto-stop n'est pas pratiqué à Maurice.

Pour louer une voiture à l'île Maurice, vous devrez fournir votre permis de conduire, votre passeport et une carte de crédit/débit pour la caution. La caution pour le véhicule peut varier de 700€ (pour les petits véhicules) à plus de 2000€, il est donc conseillé de vérifier avec votre banque si vous avez un plafond suffisant pour couvrir cette caution.
Il est important de vérifier les exigences de permis de conduire et d'âge minimum pour chaque offre de location de voiture avant de réserver. Les informations spécifiques sont mentionnées dans les détails de chaque offre.

La motorisation électrique est en plein essor à Maurice mais les aegnces de location sont encore sous-équipés, idem l'île n'est pas encore bien développée en termes de bornes. A Maurice, il est encore donc déconseillé de louer un modèle électrique.

La franchise d’une voiture de location correspond au montant maximal à régler auprès du loueur en cas d’accident responsable ou sans tiers identifié. Les conditions changent parfois d’un loueur à un autre, mais concrètement, si vous éraflez par exemple la voiture deux cas de figure se posent :

  • Si le montant des réparations est supérieur au montant de la franchise, alors vous ne paierez que le montant de la franchise.
  • Si le montant des réparations est inférieur, alors vous paierez le montant des réparations.

Il est possible de se faire rembourser le montant de la franchise en souscrivant à notre formule « remboursement de franchise » et éviter ainsi de mauvaises surprises. Attention ! Les prix des pièces détachées est particulièrement élevé à Maurice, souvant le double de la France métropolitaine.

Contrairement aux Outre-mer, les tarifs du carburant ne sont pas réglementés à Maurice. Il peut y avoir de grandes différences entre les stations. Evitez tout de même les stations indépendantes qui ont tendance à gonfler la facture auprès des touristes.

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