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Aventure Car Hire
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Aventure Car Hire Adresse : Baie Sainte-Anne, Praslin Seychelles

Aventure Car Hire, c'est un parc de 20 voitures de location à Praslin disponibles partout sur l'île. Les bureaux sont situés à seulement 5 minutes de l'aéroport et l'agence vous livre et reprend votre voiture n'importe où sur l'île sans frais supplémentaires. Les enfants sont les bienvenus, le réhausseur ou le siège bébé vous est mis à disposition gratuitement pour la durée de votre séjour !

L'agence Aventure Car Hire est ouverte 7 jours sur 7 toute l'année.

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Conditions générales de location de Aventure Car Hire

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This rental contract is standard as advised by the Seychelles Car Hire Operators Association.
On signing this contract the hirer confirms to having read the condition and acknowledges to all conditions herein described.

The hired car is delivered to the hirer(s) in good running condition and is subject to an inspection test. The hirer agrees to take proper care of the car, paying for normal upkeep of the said vehicle and is fully responsible for all damages of the rented car due to neglect, such as omission to check and/or change of oil, water, tire pressure etc. The hirer will also be responsible for any tools, tires, car documents, accessories, which are missing or damaged on the return of the rented car.

In the event of any fault, defect or malfunctioning of the car, it must be reported immediately and if of a serious nature the car must not be driven at all until contact has been established with the firm.

The full rental cost is payable in advance on delivery of the car. Unless the car is returned on time and at the agreed location as specified on the contact of rental, the hirer is liable to be charged a full day’s rental cost.

On renting the car any part of the day, Gasoline is at the hirer’s expense.

If the hirer desires to change the rental period after taking possession of the car, either reducing the rental days or prolonging the hire, or changing the place or agreed hour of termination of agreed rental, 3 days written or verbal notice must be given to the company. This is necessary to guarantee the availability of cars, No discount shall be enjoyed by the lessor. In case of cancellation, three (3) days full rental tariff shall be charged.

This said vehicle shall not be operated:

.      (i)  to transport goods in violation of traffic regulations or in any other illegal manner.

.      (ii)  to carry more than four persons in total in either a Moke or Mini and five in a saloon car.  *NOTE: Replace by: to carry more than 5 persons in total.

.      (iii)  to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer.

.      (iv)  in motor sports events.

.      (v)  by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(vii) on any beach or in the sea.

The hired car shall only be driven by the hirer or by the person or persons who have been expressly designated and authorized and whose name shall appear on the insurance form.

The driver(s) must be in possession of a valid driving license for the full term of rental.

The hirer is insured against public liability risk and accidental damage, hirer bearing 1200 Euro of any damage, and subject to the hirer not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the material time.

That renter participates as an insured under an automobile insurance policy, a copy of which is available for inspection by the renter at the head-quarters office of the lessor, Said policy contain coverage in respect of third party bodily injury or death liability and property damage liability. Renter is bounded by and agrees to terms and conditions thereof, it being understood by the renter that the policy is a standard motor vehicle policy in accordance with the laws of the country in which the lessor is registered.

In case of an accident in which the vehicle is damaged or causes damage, the hirer undertakes to inform the inform *Remove completely    the firm immediately and have the case investigated on spot by local police authorities. Under no circumstances should the car be moved. The hirer is further required to make a sketch of the place of accident, obtain names and address of persons which have witnessed the accident, and those who have been party to the accident, and any other relevant pertinent details. The hirer should avoid making any verbal or written promises without first informing the company, the said data and sketches are to be hand-delivered at once to the company who will file them with the insurance company. In case of noncompliance with these requirements, the hirers are fully responsible for any damage and/ or losses sustained to the rented car.

The hirer expressly agrees to abide by the decision of the courts of the law of Seychelles and shall be liable for all parking fines and traffic violations.

Any loss of keys whilst the car is in the possession of the hirer will be the direct responsibility of the hirer who will make good the loss. A delivery fee may also be levied for its replacement.

Any abnormal damage to tires other than a puncture will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Under no circumstances will the car be driven on a flat tire, otherwise the hirer assumes full responsibility for any damage whatsoever.

The hire hereby releases the company/lessor of and from any damage to any property left *REPLACE by: theft, stored or transported by the hirer or any other person or upon vehicle before or during the term of this rental or after return of the vehicle to the company. Hirer further agrees to hold company/lessor harm- less and to defend and indemnify the company all claims and costs based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.

The company/lessor, whilst taking all reasonable precautions and using its best effort to prevent such happening, shall not be liable for any faults or defects in or from mechanical failure of said vehicle or any consequential loss or damage arising there from.

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